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The new moon on the 4th recommends taking care of your loved ones. A trend that is confirmed on the 8th where you should see your popularity rating soar at home! You should even be in osmosis with your partner and if you still evolve solo, open your eyes and your heart on the 17th and 19th! No matter what, privilege seriousness and engagement on the relationship level on the 18th and 20th, so in the end the festival lasts! It's time to ask yourself what still and always disturbs the frequency between you and your loved ones!

Then bet on your ability to enchant life and lighten the mood! You should be able to open a dialogue that is a little more constructive on the 8th and 9th where your interventions will certainly be a little robust but, a priori, effective. If you manage to lower your tone on the 13th, you will be able, on the 18th and 23rd, to calm things down if, at the same time you agree to once and for all, stop what puts you in opposition with your partner, and too often makes you feel guilty or cuts your wings!

March: 1st decan: Until the 10th, you will have the heart to take care of the well-being of your relatives but, perhaps, also to improve your conditions framework of life! From the 20th, you will not hesitate to give of yourself to serve the community. The full moon on the 21st, however, recommends that you take a step back from the daily routine to perhaps manage it more effectively and more balanced.

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At the very end of the month, you will enjoy a cosmic climate favorable to your loves. Whether it is to change your relationship, breathe new life into the union or meet a person you like, let's bet that the experience will be different from what you usually experience the 27th! Some will mobilize to build a lasting relationship, while others will clarify everything that could still hinder a long-term story!

Be careful this month in love and business where you will have bigger eyes than your stomach and some tendencies to overestimate your abilities and potential the 14th and 15th! If you have questions about your relationship or a recent story, you will probably have to wait until the 28th before hoping to get an answer.

In the meantime, ask yourself about the depth of your feelings on the 16th and mobilize yourself to manage your relationships without allowing yourself to be overtaken or invaded by your partner and others but without too much to use abuse of your authority! April : 1st decan: Until the 4th, take advantage of your influence to impress your audience and seduce all the way up to the 15th, the power of Mars the planet boosts your income, gives you more power or increases the flow of your returns on investment. From the 20th, there is room for dialogue.

The Sun invites you to open the debates. Enough may be to accelerate the movement of change around the 22nd! Bet on the new moon on the 5th to get to work and creatively channel your talents! Whether in love or in business, you'll know what to say and what to do to effectively guide the outcome!

Try not to get stuck in a rigid attitude or maintain fixed ideas on the 10th and 13th if you want to take advantage of the Jupiterian manna that exalts your talents and invites you to express them openly. Including on the 14th, where you could also win a great success! May: 1st decan: Bet on the second half of the month to get closer to your partner and the others, to listen to your crush or the desires of whomever you want to attract in your nets. Also count on an unbending force and determination to assert your ambitions and push the boundaries of the possible the 22nd!

You will feel in osmosis with your lover and possibly your children on the 9th, where your intuition and your exalted creativity could allow you to accomplish wonders! Ditto on the 16th where promising agreements and alliances could be signed! If you want the party to last and the situation to continue to fill you on the 30th and 31st , just make sure not to ask for too much! You will know perfectly well how to take advantage of your talents and potential on the 3rd and the 9th if you agree, however, to moderate your appetites a little and not to bring about a balance of power with your entourage!

June: 1st decan: Brilliant and ambitious you will have the heart the 7th to plead your case and try everything to generate new relationships with your partner and others, and more generally, with the world around you even if it means seeking to achieve elsewhere or otherwise! At the end of the month the 27th , count on the Sun to carry your aspirations and boost your desire to surpass yourself and to affirm loudly your will to change course, relationship, and for some their life!

Do you have a tendency to abuse your powers to get more? Be careful that you are not excessively misperceived on the 9th and the 10th when the best will be a priori the enemy of good. Ditto around the 16th where your appetites are enormous and could be expressed in a way that is likely to affect the trust that you are granted. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan. This year — Uranus opposite your decan brings the potential for rapid or unexpected changes in your life. The unpredictable nature of this change means you will likely feel on edge at times.

You will have to react quickly to changing circumstances. The key to dealing with this disruptive energy is open-mindedness and a willingness to adapt. September 28 to October 28 — New Moon September brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. However, increased fun and romance could force adjustments in other areas of life, or restlessness and boredom may lead you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life.

October 2 to 11 — Mercury in your decan brings mental alertness with quick thinking and reflexes. An increase in communication, meetings, and short trips makes this the busiest time of the month. Expect more contact with children, siblings, cousins, and neighbors. You may receive important news or have to make a stressful decision. October 5 to 8 — Mercury opposite Uranus on the 7th may leave you feeling tense and scattered because of a range of other unexpected happenings.

So try to free your mind of responsibility and go with the flow. It is important to keep an open mind because plans may need changing, or your travels interrupted.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - My Stars! Horoscopes

October 7 to 17 — Venus in your decan makes you more relaxed, loving and affectionate. This is a time of peace, harmony, romance, and fun. Increased charm and beauty makes you more attractive and popular. Expect more attention and tenderness from your partner. This is one of the best times of the year for dating and making money. October 11 to 14 — Venus opposite Uranus on the 12th can signal upset or excitement in your love life, depending how open-minded you and your partner are.

If single, internet dating could easily bring a thrilling new romance but commitment is likely to be in short supply. Avoid impulse buying, especially online. October 22 to November 3 — Sun in your decan makes it easier to be yourself. Your birthday puts the focus on you and your goals for the year ahead. So draw a line under the previous year and make a fresh start. Extra energy, vitality, and initiative are best used expressing what you want, what your goals are, and getting started. October 26 to 30 — Sun opposite Uranus on the 28th brings unexpected and exciting encounters or events.

Adapting to any changes requires extra effort, and any excitement may leave your nerves frayed. Venus moves into your 6th House of Health and Routine on October 8, adding the potential for harmony and resolution in these areas of your life. The trouble is that, in order to reach that place of peace, something completely chaotic must happen first: Venus will oppose Uranus on October 12 and a New Moon in the same area of your chart on the 27th has the same vibe.

Sometimes, the only way to get to where you need to be is by causing a storm. Something major is about to change in your work world or in your health so that you can get on your best path. Resistance is futile. In terms of your love and sex life, things are about to heat up! Mars moves into your romance sector October 4, bringing some amazing passion to your world. Enjoy every moment. Gemini's keywords for October: health crisis, health adjustment, work crisis, work adjustment, sex, love, dating, pleasure.

A major turning point in your professional life is happening this month thanks to a Full Moon on October 13 landing at the top of your chart. This lunation brings power struggles in one respect, because your partner might try and control your success or your attachment to it. Don't worry about it too much though -- you're doing what you love and there are plenty of supporters helping you celebrate what you've earned. Family is a battlefield for most of October with Mars moving into your domestic sector on the 4th.

Do what you can to sidestep conflict with relatives. A DIY project around the house can discharge all of the pent-up frustration someone in your clan is feeling. Romance is a crazy, hot mess this month! Venus will be in your romance sector from October 8 until November 1, signaling the potential for new love.

Scorpio Horoscope - September Monthly Horoscopes 2019 In Hindi - Preview

However, Venus will oppose Uranus on October 12, so it might be more of a sudden fling: exciting but not stable. If you're in a relationship, there might be unexpected baby news. Cancer's keywords for October: promotion, honor, award, recognition, fame, family drama, sex, baby, children, affair. Your mouth might get you into trouble this month, Leo. On the one hand, with Mars in your communication sector from October 4 until November 19, you'll feel plenty of courage to speak up for yourself and get what you want by sheer power of persuasion. At the same time, however, you'll need to be careful that you don't come across as intimidating.

Your voice will surely pack a punch! Your domestic life and career might seem extremely chaotic in October, leaving you little room to enjoy romance. Your partner might feel destabilized because you just don't have any time for him or her and, if this happens, an erratic reaction is possible near October 12 when Venus opposes Uranus.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Still, you've got so many new beginnings possible in your domestic world thanks to a New Moon on the 27th. They will require you to be open to doing things differently and you might need to adjust your expectations — especially if you want to regain your power in this area. Leo's keywords for October: smart mouth, brave communication, negotiation skills, career change, relocation, domestic bliss, partnership break, no time for fun. Debts are being cleared this month, Virgo, and guess what: it's going to feel amazing!

You do have money going out due to a Full Moon on October 13 landing in the area of your chart that rules other people's money.

scorpio Horoscope

This suggests you're about to pay off a major loan or other chuck of money that belongs to someone else. This can be anything from a settlement payout to the IRS to paying off a credit card. Whatever this bill is, you're feeling joyful about getting rid of it so, yes, Virgo, congratulations! In other news, communication might be erratic and, if there is any information you're keeping to yourself, you might start to become even more secretive.

On October 31, Mercury turns retrograde in your message sector and stealthy Scorpio.

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Scorpio

Your top-secret approach might begin to wear on your relationships with others -- especially your lover. He or she might be convinced you're hiding something. Are you? Virgo's keywords for October: money, debt, bills, expenses, clearing debt, secret information, quiet, shrewd. There is a definite change happening in your love life this month, Libra. A Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships on October 13 will help you clear the air with your mate if things have been tense lately. Or, it's possible that you'll decide it's time to walk away from this connection because you've done everything possible to make things work.

The problem? It's domestic, of course. This has been the sticking point in your relationship for far too long. One of you might be tired and no longer willing to put work into the relationship. Financial matters are also a key theme in October with radical changes happening at every turn.